The Record

I don’t want to diminish the Dodgers’ 11-0 home start, but neither do I want to dwell on it.  Like it or not, it’s a streak that will come to an end.  Probably sooner than later.

What I’d rather focus on is that we are now 18-6 against teams in our division.  Of the 19 games we’ve won, eighteen were against division opponents.  That, my friends, is significant.  Tonight, we’re up against the Diamondbacks and Max Scherzer.

Scherzer is a better pitcher than a lot of people might realize.  He gets a ton of ground balls (45.8% so far this season), strikes out a bunch (10.10 K/9 in his short MLB career so far), and mixes up his pitches very well.  He has a 94-mph fastball, an 84.8-mph changeup, and a plus slider that looks almost identical to the changeup coming out of his hand.

Despite his 0-2 record this season, he’s on the huge list of great pitchers in the NL West (Peavy, Young, Webb, Haren, Billingsley, Kershaw, Lincecum, Cain, etc. etc. etc.) and figures to be pretty good for a very long time.  I think the Dodgers hitters have the upper hand in the matchup, because he throws a few too many strikes, and Dodgers hitters have been doing very well against strikezone pitchers this season.

But whatever advantage we have is probably negated by having Jeff Weaver on the mound.  Who knows what to expect from #36?  Not me.

Still, you have to like the Boys in Blue in this game.  And the best news of all — I’ll be at the game!  My second big league game of the year before heading out to Jacksonville to see the final four games of a five-game set (yes, a five-game set!) betwen the Lookouts and the Suns (FLA).

I’ll also be teaching at a clinic in Jacksonville put on by former Angels pitcher Hilly Hathaway.  Good times!

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I am rooting for the guerito Weaver to stick around. Wish Torre would have left him in the game longer longer or let Tron or JMAC pitched longer.
Looking forward to more reports from you

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